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AWN Video Portal -- You're Invited!

Animation World Network ( is proud to announce the exciting next stage in our evolution.

Animation World Network ( is proud to announce the exciting next stage in our evolution. We are launching a new, comprehensive online video portal devoted exclusively to animation. We will be showcasing the work of independent filmmakers like yourself from all over the world, representing all artistic styles, techniques and genres of animation. With an international viewership in over 150 countries, AWN is unparalleled in its global distribution. Never before has there been such a platform to exhibit and promote your work to such a wide, dedicated audience.

We are now actively soliciting animated works to be a part of our video portal's curated library of content. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. Given the online landscape of proliferating video-sharing sites, you can be assured that your work will not be lost among thousands of irrelevant videos.

More importantly -- through ad-based revenue-sharing, syndication and distribution -- you will be compensated for your participation. AWN's non-exclusive license agreement allows filmmakers to distribute their work anywhere else they like, all while benefiting from gross revenue profit sharing on a quarterly basis.

AWN is proud of its history of dedication and sensitivity to the creative professionals and independents of the animation and visual effects communities. We are now pleased to extend an invitation to all our readers to showcase your films on our new video portal. If you are interested, we can send you our non-exclusive license agreement and submission form.

AWN has always been at the forefront of celebrating, promoting and advocating animation artists worldwide. We look forward to growing our media portal in partnership with you, and helping to share your work with our international audience.

For more information, please contact us at