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AWN Launches Gene Deitch's New Book 'How To Succeed In Animation'

AWN is proud to bring Oscar-winning animator Gene Deitch's brand newbook to the Web with the launch of

AWN is proud to bring Oscar-winning animator Gene Deitch's brand newbook to the Web with the launch of "How ToSucceed In Animation, (Don't Let A Little Thing Like Failure StopYou!)", Deitch's long awaited book, is a must read for animationnewcomers and veterans alike. The book presents Gene's highlyidiosyncratic and obstinate views as to what animation is all about.Much of the information has never before been published, with manynever before seen illustrations. Part "how-to" manual, part historylesson, "How To Succeed In Animation, (Don't Let A Little Thing LikeFailure Stop You!)" gives practical guidance on all aspects of theanimation process, with real-life examples culled from the countlessunique experiences of Gene's legendary career. AWN has with a simple, easy-to-navigate interface designedto give readers complete, searchable access to the entire bookmanuscript. Readers are invited to comment, argue and contribute,thereby creating an interactive dialogue with one of the trueanimation greats. Interesting contributions will be incorporated intothe book and credited. The new book Website, available free ofcharge to all readers, initially launches with access to theIntroduction and first nine chapters. The remaining twenty-twochapters will be serialized over the next four months, with a newchapter published every week. In addition, a printable, AdobeAcrobat formatted version of the entire book will be available forpurchase.

Why should you listen to Gene Deitch? Well, Gene Deitch is one ofthe last surviving members of the original Hollywood UPA studio of1946, the instigator of the CBS-Terrytoon "renaissance" of 1956-1958,Animation Department Chief of the Detroit Jam Handy Organization,1949-1951, Creative Chief of UPA-New York, 1951-1954, Director atJohn Hubley's Storyboard, Inc. New York, 1955, Creative Director ofCBS-Terrytoons, 1956-1958, President of Gene Deitch Associates, Inc.New York, 1958-1960, Creative Director for Rembrandt Films,1960-1968, star director for Weston Woods Studios, Inc., Weston,Connecticut, 1968-1993, and has worked for over 40 years with thePrague animation studio, "Bratri v Triku."

Visit the new Gene Deitch book site, "How To Succeed In Animation,(Don't Let A Little Thing Like Failure Stop You!)", at