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AWN launches brand new Career Connections!

"Find and be found" in the new Career Connections...

At long last, AWN has built a brand new Career Connections, complete with a new Talent Pool resume database with multiple search capabilities, and a new Job Posting database. Join the thousands of animation professionals who've used the Talent Pool to "find and be found." There is no quicker, more direct way to reach the animation community than through the Job Postings database in Career Connections. Thousands of qualified job seekers browse through the Job Postings database every week.

Career Connections gives you three different ways to look through the Job Postings database - by Job Name, by Company, and by Location. The Talent Pool provides multiple search mechanisms to help you find the people you're looking for. Find people who use Maya. Find people who want to work in Belgium. Find storyboard artists, webmasters, and marketing reps. You can also do a keyword search through each resume's first and last name.

Plus, the new Talent Pool resume database lets you edit your resume as often as you like. Follow the links in the navigation bar to create a new resume, edit an existing resume, display your resume, delete your resume, or request your password if you've lost or forgotten yours. You're in complete control, 24 hours a day!

Please note - if you currently have a resume in the old Talent Pool database, we ask that you re-enter your personal information in the new database. Old resumes will only be viewable for the next few months.

click her to visit the new Career Connections!