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AWN Animated Box Office Report

For the first time since the October 2 release of "Antz," there were no animated films in the box office top ten. DreamWorks' THE PRINCE OF EGYPT is still the top animated film placing 11th with $1.9M and a grand total of $93.3M domestically. The film's total worldwide gross to date is $197.8M. Disney/Pixar's A BUG'S LIFE placed 15th with $1.4M bringing its spectacular sum to $155.9M in North America. Worldwide, the insect film has brought in a total of $213.1M and is still going strong. The film's opening in the U.K. this past weekend marked the highest debut ever for an animated offering there with a grand take of $6.9M. Paramount's A RUGRAT'S MOVIE brought in a cool $0.5M in 25th and still holds the crown for the highest non-Disney animated feature of all time in the U.S. with $94.8M although it will soon be supplanted by DreamWorks' PRINCE. DreamWorks/PDI's ANTZ arrives on home video and DVD on February 9 but still placed 37th theatrically with $0.1M and a cume of $90.6M.