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Awesome Inc & Bluetube Create ‘Evolving Thoughts’ for Adult Swim

First of three new Adult Swim broadcast IDs directed by Awesome Inc features music and sound by Bluetube.

Awesome Inc & Bluetube Create ‘Evolving Thoughts’ for Adult Swim

Evolving Thoughts is a new Adult Swim ID sprung forth from the imaginations of Awesome Inc and featuring music and sound by Bluetube. The first in a series of three IDs by Awesome and Bluetube, the project is the result of the network’s ongoing call to creativity, one that encourages companies to artfully visualize the Adult Swim identity. Evolving Thoughts features morphing objects in a stream of consciousness dreamscape.

Awesome Inc and Bluetube have helped shape the sights and sounds of many of Adult Swim’s iconic and beloved pop culture offerings from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to Too Many Cooks. With a deep knowledge of Adult Swim and the giddy delight of kids in a candy store, they seized the opportunity to run wild and create these short branded moments.

The ID project involved the entire studio at Awesome Inc with everyone, from artists to producers, contributing to the development of a concept collection from which Adult Swim could choose. The selected finalists were then brought to vivid life by Awesome’s design and animation team. Music and sound are integral supporting characters in the surreal vignettes. Bluetube’s Michael Kohler embraced the challenge of realizing the unexpected to enhance these unfolding mini narratives. With few restrictions, Kohler had creative liberty to play with style and convention, in order to produce original tracks that reflected each mood and genre.

The Adult Swim ID Project launched in 2012 with the goal to cut through typical TV clutter to create short pieces of content to give even more life to Adult Swim on-air. The network reached out to some of their favorite animators, artists and directors with the directive: make something fun. Since then the network has aired everything from live action Kung-Fu shorts, to pixel art, to stop motion, and more.

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