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Award-Winning Net Short, Ruth Truth, Makes TV Nod

THE RUTH TRUTH, Oxygen Media's award-winning animated on-line series, makes its TV debut in Oxygen's X-CHROMOSOME series on Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 10:30 pm. X-CHROMOSOME is the first half-hour animated television series created primarily for a female audience by the developers of LIQUID TELEVISION. THE RUTH TRUTH chronicles the adventures of Ruth Decker, an actress/comedian who lands a job working undercover for a detective agency that specializes in busting vendors who traffic in counterfeit designer goods, and is based on the life of the writer and lead actress Sheila Head. The series won's World Internet Animation Competitions awards for Grand Prize, best in all categories and the best "Mixed-Media" produced for the Web. The show uses Jen Taylor and Randy Lowenstein's new technique to morph one still image into another to tell the story. The duo developed a system that combines photos and vectors to create a new form of animation in which the outlines of photo-painted elements are morphed into each other. This technique is now a patent pending system called Liquid Lines(. THE RUTH TRUTHs credits include: executive producer Kit Laybourne; director and producer Julina Tatlock; writer and creator Sheila Head; story editor John Freeman Gill; composer Pat Irwin; animation designers Jen Taylor and Randy Lowenstein; lead animator Britton Payne; artist Henry Hodges; site designer Veronika Soul; lead programmer and animator Sean Lightner; and sound design by Splash Studios, New York.

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