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Autodesk Ships Cleaner 6.5 Software for Apple Macintosh

Autodesk Inc. announced the availability of Autodesk Cleaner 6.5 for Macintosh, the newest update to its professional desktop media mastering and encoding software. Autodesk Cleaner is an industry standard application for encoding and optimizing video content for delivery formats ranging from the Internet and DVD to handheld mobile devices. On the heels of the release of Cleaner XL1.5 for Windows, Cleaner 6.5 for Mac brings extended format support and increased workflow flexibility to the Mac-based digital video encoding community.

New to Autodesk Cleaner 6.5 software is encoding support for Apple's QuickTime 7 player, DivX 6.0, and Kinoma Producer, to encode wide screen MPEG-4 playback on Palm Powered handhelds and the Sony PSP video player. Also added is the Flix exporter from On2 Technologiesthat allows compressionists to publish video in .FLV and .SWF formatsthe Internet video formats supported by Macromedia Flash.

New features include:New output formats:* Flash video support (.flv and .swf) with On2 Flix Exporter* DivX Pro 6.0 encoder * Apple QuickTime 7Updated codecs:* Updated Kinoma version 3 exporter * H.264 encoding through QuickTime 7 and support for Real 10.

Suggested retail price for both Cleaner 6.5 Mac and Cleaner XL 1.5 for Windows is $599 for an individual license. Suggested retail upgrade pricing from Cleaner 6 Macintosh or Cleaner XL Windows to the current versions is $125; Suggested retail upgrade pricing from Cleaner 4 or 5 to Cleaner 6.5 Macintosh or to Cleaner 1.5 XL Windows is $179.

Autodesk Inc. (, which recently acquired Alias, is the leading software and services company for the manufacturing, infrastructure, building, digital media and wireless data services fields. Founded in 1982, Autodesk is headquartered in San Rafael, California.

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