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Autodesk Debuts Flame 2015 at NAB 2014

Autodesk debuts the Flame 2015, the newest version of their comprehensive toolset for high-end visual effects and creative finishing, featuring new creative tools and support for 4K which helps deliver greater artistic control.

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention 2014 in booth # SL3319, Autodesk Inc. debuted Flame 2015 – the latest iteration of its comprehensive toolset for high-end visual effects and creative finishing - with new creative tools, faster performance, and an end-to-end 4K workflow to meet the needs of today's high-end post-production facilities.

"We've taken note of the challenges our media and entertainment customers are up against, and have evolved Flame to deliver a more efficient, interactive workflow," said Chris Bradshaw, senior vice president, Media & Entertainment at Autodesk. "Flame 2015 is packed full of features that help artists work collaboratively with high-res material faster than ever before - even at 4K. Flame artists will be able to meet client 4K needs, without compromising the unmatched Flame creative experience."

Used by the best artists to deliver amazing results in high-end commercial post production for over two decades, Flame 2015 takes a huge technological step forward by addressing key customer requirements for higher quality, faster performance and innovative creative tools. Together with the Flame application workflow, the new features will allow Flame artists around the world to continue delighting their clients.

Ntropic founder and executive creative director Nate Robinson said, "I love getting clients in the room and saying 'let's do something cool - something different.' The speed at which I can now move around the interface and toolset helps me show so many possibilities - Flame makes the freeform creative process possible."

Support for 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) Workflows
Flame 2015 allows artists to work creatively and interactively to deliver high quality final results at 4K resolution. The new workflow helps deliver on the needs of today's Flame artists with: industry standard 4K formats; 4K/UHD color management supporting ACES and REC-2020 color spaces; real-time monitoring and playback via SDI of 4K/UHD material at 50P and 60P; timeline effects and batch nodes performance optimization & 4K capable substance textures; and 16 Gb fiber channel controllers in high-performance storage for real-time throughput of high resolution images.

Flame 2015 now supports the addition of a second GPU card in the Flame workstation. Background Reactor helps accelerate rendering by allowing artists to send their shot, sequence, or batch setup to the second GPU for rendering while continuing to work interactively on certain other tasks in the foreground. Background Reactor requires two NVIDIA Quadro K6000 GPUs (for HP Z820 workstations) or two NVIDIA Quadro 6000 GPUs (for HP Z800 and Z820 workstations).

Innovative Creative Tools
Flame 2015 boasts new tools that can help artists exceed customer expectations:

  • 3D Shape: as easy to use as Gmask, 3D Shape enables workflows such as quick modeling, projection mapping, logo design, motion graphics and relighting;
  • Replica: a new creative tool in Action allows artists to easily and interactively create, manipulate and animate cascading effects using a single cloned object; and
  • Matchbox enhancements: enhancements to Matchbox: the ability to add Matchbox effects directly to shots and transitions in the timeline and the ability to protect shader code with packaging and encryption.

Advanced Toolset, Integrated Workflow to Complete Projects Faster
The 2015 version of Flame takes the unified modern application workflow to a new level - creating tight integration between freeform desktop reels, timeline and batch while introducing a dynamic Library view into the one-of-a-kind Flame workflow. Furthermore, artists can now perform complex editorial and effects work on batch sources in the timeline while monitoring the impact on the batch compositing tree in a new batch context view.

Flame artist and business owner Sean Cochrane of The Vanity said of the Flame toolset, "Working in sessions where we fix almost every shot and we need to deliver everything by the end of the day, I cannot afford to waste any time. Flame handles this type of work like no other system out there."

New Features, More Valuable Flame Premium
Flame Premium provides a powerful creative combo with Flame and Lustre together, and now the 2015 release expands the offering with two additional companion products that are completely compatible with the Flame Premium workflow: Flare and Flame Assist. Flare is a powerful shot-based visual effects application, used to help augment the creative capabilities of Flame Premium workflows. Flame Assist is a Mac-based, timeline-centric assistant station that can be used to take on a variety of tasks related to starting and completing Flame Premium projects.

Both Flare and Flame Assist are available as part of the new Desktop Subscription flexible payment model. Available exclusively to Flame and Flame Premium customers, pay-as-you-go pricing for Flare and Flame Assist software is available on a quarterly or annual basis.

Flame 2015 and Flame Premium 2015 at NAB 2014
Autodesk will host customer and product demonstrations that showcase Flame 2015 and Flame Premium 2015 in action, as well as Lustre 2015, Flare 2015 and Flame Assist 2015, from its booth (SL3319) during NAB. Presentations will also be streamed live on AREA and available for on-demand viewing after the event.

Source: Autodesk

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