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Auto Enthusiast Duo Launches Rideview Creative Agency

Yates Holley and John Kim have joined forces to offer automotive art direction and visualization; recent projects include a mood film for the IPO launch of Faraday Future, a sustainability-driven EV brand.

Creative veterans Yates Holley and John Kim have announced the launch of Los Angeles-based hybrid creative company, Rideview. The two first partnered over a decade ago on interactive projects for Toyota at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles. Now, united with a common love of cars, the duo aims to create a one-stop shop for automotive art direction and visualization. The company’s ambitious line-up of services includes visual effects, production, virtual production, experience design, development, retouching, and strategy.

“Rideview is a hybrid agency model that merges interactive content with film production,” explained Holley. “We are as comfortable on set as we are in CG or a game engine.”

“As we are heading towards the age of EV, manufacturers are ramping up pace with new products with totally different characteristics,” added Kim. “This means new strategies for agencies and visualizations are needed more and more. As car enthusiasts, it was an obvious move for us to participate in this new climate of automotive by providing what we do best—visualization.”

Holley clients have included top-tier brands like Disney, Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, and Samsung. He has also contributed to award-winning projects such as Where Cards Fall, Unity Awards’ 2019 Mobile Game of the Year. He has received multiple Cannes Gold Lions and AICP distinctions. His freelance career has spanned software development for an aerospace company; design and animation for award-winning motion graphics studios; and VFX supervision for movies and video games.

An established CG artist, Kim’s projects include the first teaser for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. He has worked with industry leaders like Toyota, focusing on car configurators and other interactive content. Eventually he was tasked with overseeing creative direction on running footage.

“Being on the agency side for a long time, I’ve noticed the importance of programmatic data generation for clients,” noted Kim. “Under Rideview, we have built and optimized a production platform where clients can place their products in a variety of settings that caters to all of their audiences.”

The company has already signed multiple projects with top automotive brands including Toyota and Ford. It also recently collaborated with photographer Richard Thompson to craft a dazzling mood film for the IPO launch of Faraday Future, a sustainability-driven EV brand. Rideview also developed a car configurator used in the Faraday Future app.

The Faraday Future film was produced by Rideview with Kim and Thompson serving as creative directors, and Holley serving as executive producer. 3D generalists included Adam Newman, Jake Martinez, and Coby Hernandez; 3D tracking by Joe Chiechi; Nuke compositor was Ryan Kirkwood; Matte Painter, Tim Matney; and the storyboard artists was Fernando Argosino. Jason Zeni was the editor. Music was by Risca Music with breakdown music by SomeVS.

Source: Rideview