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August Gets Even Hotter On TELETOON

TELETOONs highlights for August 2006, kick off with the debut of the new series, DI-GATA DEFENDERS. Premiering on Aug. 5 with a special 90-minute CINETOON presentation of the first three episodes, the series will regularly air Saturdays at 7:00 pm starting August 12.

Created by Hamilton, Ontario-born Greg Collinson, DI-GATA DEFENDERS (26x30) which was pitched to Nelvana execs during the production company's yearly open call session tracks the adventures of teen warriors Seth, Melosa, Erik and Kara. Sequestered since birth, these defenders have been learning to harness the earth's energy to prepare them for their battle against the Order of Infinis and the awesome power of the Megalith.

* Aug. 12: "Trouble in Paradise" (reprise)The Defenders' training is disrupted by an earthquake, signaling that it's time to fulfill their destiny. They take their first steps outside the dojo, and encounter their first real opponent.

* Aug. 19: "The Road Less Travelled" (reprise)On the way to the Monastary of Amos Yan, the Defenders encounter a gang of thieves. A stranger named Adam helps them, but whether he is friend or foe is yet to be seen.

* Aug. 26: "The Key to Victory" (reprise)The Monastery burns as powerful agents of the Order Infinis tear it apart looking for the Key that will lead them to the Megalith. The Defenders must face the agents in a titanic Di-Gata battle while the future of Rados hangs in the balance!

CINETOON Saturdays and Sundays movie highlights include:

* Saturday, Aug. 12 @ 5:00 pm DELILAH & JULIUS: THE TRUTH BE GOLD* Sunday, Aug. 13 @ 12:00 noon SCOOBY-DOO & THE RELUCTANT WEREWOLF* Saturday, Aug. 19 @ 5:00 pm DAFFY DUCK'S QUACKBUSTERS* Sunday, Aug. 20 @ 12:00 noon SCOOBY-DOO & THE WITCH'S GHOST* Saturday, Aug. 26 @ 5:00 pm SCOOBY DOO THE MOVIE* Sunday, Aug. 27 @ 12:00 noon SCOOBY-DOO & THE GHOUL SCHOOL

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