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ATTIK Launches Wrigley's Big Red Into 2001

ATTIK_Big_Red.jpg Image Courtesy of Josell Public Relations

ATTIK, a leading all-media creative solutions provider, has designed, directed, animated and produced six 15-second spots to create a hip new look for Wrigley's Big Red gum. The spots are a combination of live-action, computer graphics and 3D animation. According to ATTIK designer Michael Spoljaric, the key component to the campaign is the type. For example, "So There" features the copy, "We were good. Now we're better. So there," pulsating over a red and black speaker playing hip-hop music. Spoljaric said, "We wanted the type to have the appearance of sound waves. The font and its motion had to work in conjunction with the theme of each spot, but we couldn't go overboard because a lot of words have to be read in 15 seconds. We went through tons of fonts to find the perfect, playful look that fits the Big Red brand. We chose a sort of '70s playboy leisure font for the suggestive 'Tastes Better' spot which is set to a sensual R&B track and features the type, 'Tastes better. Lasts longer. You'll thank us in the morning,' flowing over red satin sheets that move to reveal the package of Big Red." Each of the spots concludes with an actor who appears behind a 3D product shot, created in Maya. "Pre-Chew" features a font that dances around a glittering, rotating disco ball. "New Package" showcases a lava lamp and a wavy, fiery typeface reminiscent of the Jimi Hendrix album cover of "Live at the Filmore." "Hottie" has a firework-like font, which silhouettes a kiss. "Pick-Up Lines" features bubbles and an effervescent font. Representing ATTIK were managing director/group executive producer Jim Moran, creative director Aporva Baxi, design director Paul Driver, executive producer Sari Rosen, senior producer Gabriel Peterson, designer Michael Spoljaric and music producer Steven Lucker. The 3D was done in Maya by Gene Mezerov. Live-action was shot on digital video by directors Paul Driver and Michael Spoljaric, and DP Darek Bell. The spots were produced for ad agency BBDO Chicago.

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