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The Attik completes South Park's Chef Aid ads

New York-based The Attik produced a pair of 30-second spots, "Save Chef," to promote the new Comedy Central "South Park" musical offering "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" on American Recordings (Los Angeles)/Columbia Records (New York). The CD, which was released on November 24, is an extension of the "Chef Aid" episode, where Chef gets sent to prison and the community sponsors a "Chef Aid" concert to raise money and bail him out. The spot uses a layered collage of animation textures and color to showcase the "Chef Aid" album and the featured stars (Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne and Rancid) in an upbeat and energetic tempo. The Attik team was composed of group creative director James Sommerville, design director Tina Lauffer, executive producer Jim Moran and designer Stephan Burle de Figueiredo.