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AtomShockwave Relaunches Sites With New Content

AtomShockwave has relaunched its Websites AtomFilms and The move is in hopes to quell rumors that the company is about to join the long list of dot-com disasters. New programming includes new games and an animated comedy series from Jim Belushi called THE GREEDY SHOW. The 2.0 versions of the sites will focus on AtomShockwave's long-term advertising and sponsorship deals with brand companies. These deals make up 70% of the company's revenue stream. An example of these deals is the one with Ford, where Ford's Focus automobile makes appearances in the Shockwave game, DJ FU. "I'm big into branding," Mika Salmi, CEO of AtomShockwave and founder of AtomFilms told DAILY VARIETY. "I worked really hard to create the Atom brand. And Shockwave became pretty mainstream. I didn't want to lose the feel of both brands. As a separate brand, we can honor what Atom and Shockwave meant. People kind of left us and everyone else for dead. But we've matched our revenue to our costs. It's been a scary year, but we're in good shape now. We're here to stay. Profitability is imminent."

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