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ATOMO Turns to Bakery Relight

ATOMO VFX chooses Bakery Relight software for its ongoing work on a diverse range of promo spots and animated shorts.

Aubagne, France -- The Bakery is proud to confirm that São Paulo-based post production house, ATOMO VFX has chosen Bakery Relight software for its ongoing work on a diverse range of promo spots and animated shorts. Bakery Relight is the first interactive, all-in-one 3D lighting and rendering solution for the high-end computer graphics market.

ATOMO VFX creates visual effects and 3D animation for the Brazilian advertising market.

Vedran Sinobad, Head of Rendering Pipeline at ATOMO VFXexplains, “We‘ve been using Bakery Relight for almost a year now. We’re starting to rely on it more and more for our projects, and are definitely looking to expand the number of licenses we have in-house. We began searching for a solution that would allow us to render very complex geometry, and which would at the same time, give us flexibility, realistic results and speed. Bakery Relight does all of this, combined with a unique workflow, which enables our artists to see results quickly as well iterate, without wasting time re-rendering."

“We use Relight mainly in conjunction with Autodesk Maya," says Sinobad “but we have also done some experimentation with Houdini. We created procedural fluid dynamics simulation and imported the alembic mesh in Relight for shading."

"Bakery Relight helped us render some very complicated scenes on our recent promo project for Hyundai. We used Relight for the last full CG shot in the spot, which included a realistic cityscape and shots of the car itself. Relight’s unique workflow accelerated this process tremendously. Being able to inspect each element of the final image and tweak those parts without calculating everything else, meant more iterations and higher quality results in the end. The top-notch support we received from the Bakery team was also crucial, as we successfully resolved any issues encountered by the middle of production. Our most recent project, ‘Komodo Propaganda‘ for our client, IAB Brazil, is a live action integration with a large CG lizard head replacing that of our actor."

"Relight saves us time, and allows us to experiment much more than we normally would. It’s the perfect lighter‘s tool, as it enables the artist to see all the components that make up the final image -lights, objects, materials, effects. We find Bakery Relight very easy to use. I think just about anyone can learn it relatively quickly, " says Sinobad.

Bakery Software Lead, Sebastien Ortega said, "We’re delighted that more and more lighting artists are enjoying the added freedom and control, which Bakery Relight can offer them. Coming from this line of work ourselves, our aim was to help other artists to reduce the frustrations and often very time-consuming tasks involved in professional lighting work, and it looks like this is paying off for our clients!"

Source: The Bakery