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Atomic Partners on Punktuition Comedy Series

Atomic Cartoons have announced a partnership with Punktuition LLC on the new animated comedy series, PUNKTUITION. Atomic will debut the project to buyers and broadcasters at the 2009 Kidscreen Summit in New York in February.

PUNKTUITION is the brainchild of Australian singer-songwriter, Sally Boyden, a former child star and Jason Lake, son of British icon Diana Dors. The colorful comedy has been developed for television by Sally Boyden and former U.K. DAILY MAIL writer, Tania Shakinovsky. Creative consulting was provided by Christopher Cerf (SESAME STREET, BETWEEN THE LIONS) and Atomic Cartoons co-founder, Rob Davies.

The series is random comedy -- with a dose of adventure -- about a cast of fun young characters who are lost on a purple planet in the center of the Luniverse, not knowing how they got there or why they now bear more than a passing resemblance to punctuation marks. As if that wasn't perplexing enough, they are in possession of mysterious superpowers that definitely weren't there before.

The gang of friends must find their way home, and on the journey they discover they have actually made their own home together. The leader of the group, and series' hero, is Mr. P.T., a rock 'n' roller from a faraway place, who travels around on a flying V guitar. The villain of the show is Sir Slang, a nasty piece of work who lords over everyone on the planet. He especially despises our heroes and everything they stand for. The quirky characters were hand-painted by Melbourne-based artist, Dean Gorissen.

"Stylistically, PUNKTUITION is a multi-media property that combines both 3D animation and Flash," says the series' director, Mauro Casalese (Co-Creator of ATOMIC BETTY), "We're going for a look we like to call neo-retro, kind of an homage to the classic Rankin Bass shows of the '60s, only much more contemporary and edgier. Content-wise, I strongly believe the combination of humor and music, plus stories with the bonus of subliminal learning, will work exceptionally well for the intended 7 to 11 demographic."

Adding to the richness of the episodes will be a star-studded cast of musicians that include Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, and the veteran voice talents of Billy West (REN & STIMPY, FUTURAMA) and Terri Apple (RUGRATS, REAL MONSTERS). PUNKTUITION also has a publishing deal with Cherry Lane Music, home to The Black-Eyed Peas, John Legend and POKEMAN U.S.A.