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Atomic Offers Explosive Line-Up At NATPE 2002.

Vancouver animation studio Atomic Cartoons is in Las Vegas for NATPE 2002 with a collection of proprietary properties. Their catalogue includes the original program ATOMIC BETTY and the Internet show DOG IN A BOX WITH 2 WHEELS, an offbeat animated comedy series about a randy little dog with wheels for hind legs. Dog has devoted his life to vigilante justice after a senile geriatric ruined his life in a freak oxygen tank/cigarette-smoking accident. The series is geared towards an older audience, teens and young adults, in an 11 x 26 format. "One of our goals is to see DOG IN A BOX WITH 2 WHEELS make the jump from the Net to television," said Trevor Bentley, Atomics CEO and VP of co-production. "We are also looking to finalize our co-production partners for ATOMIC BETTY." ATOMIC BETTY is a half-hour animated TV series about a little girl with a big secret. BETTYS executive producer, Phil Roman, is handling the U.S. distribution. Other Atomic offerings at NATPE include: KOOTERS TOOLSHED, an inbred cooking and travel show; BADCOP, a funky Dirty Harry meets Shaft meets Bass Masters; DIRTY LIL BASTER, the gritty saga of a bitter chicken bent on destroying the world; and the endearing DENNIS THE DRAGON, created by Canadas top political cartoonist, Raeside.