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Atomic Cartoons Serves Up Four Shows At MIP

Vancouver-based Atomic Cartoons is showcasing four new properties at MIP-TV 2003. The creators of ATOMIC BETTY (recently picked up by TELETOON Canada, Teletoon France and Cartoon Network Europe), are presenting animated trailers of DENNIS, DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION, DIRTY LIL BASTER and THE CARNEYS at the spring television market in France. DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION (26x22) is an irreverent primetime social commentary for adults about a well-to-do family that goes bankrupt and is forced to move into a trailer park. DENNIS (26x11) is a well-meaning dragon that bridges the gap between humans and dragons by constantly doing damage control for his out of control kind, targeted for kids 5-10. A pre-teen show, THE CARNEYS (26x11) takes a look at a quirky family that just doesnt quite fit in with the world. Also for kids 9-12, DIRTY LIL BASTER (26x11) stars a bitter rooster, disgruntled that he was not good enough grade to become Chicken Nugglets, who vows to wreak havoc upon humanity. "I believe we will have a little something for everybody this time around, a regular Atomic buffet," said Trevor Bentley, CEO/VP of co-production at Atomic. Atomic also created the Internet hit, DOG IN A BOX WITH TWO WHEELS. Established in 1999, Atomic Cartoons ( is a full service animation production studio. It also specializes in content creation and development as well as streaming and broadcast Flash animation. Many creator/producers and independent studios have found recently that a new path needs to be taken to get a show made. Instead of just looking at the domestic market, the international marketplace needs to be pursued in order to open up an entire new realm of possibilities. Rob Davies of Atomic Cartoons discusses "Pitching and Networking at the BIG Shows."