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Atomic Brings A Collection Of Kooky Cartoons To NATPE

Vancouver-based Atomic Cartoons will be showcasing their animation wares at NATPE 2003 including two new series with cartoonist Adrian Raeside titled DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION and DOC SHOCK. Humor and bizarre experiments run rampant in DOC SHOCK, a series about a college professor who may be a whacked-out extraterrestrial. DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION follows a group of ill-fated dot-commers in a family that is movin on down instead of up. Other Atomic properties up for grabs at NATPE include THE CARNEYS, DIRTY LIL BASTER and DOG IN A BOX WITH 2 WHEELS. Representing Atomic Cartoons at this years market will be art director Olaf Miller and VP of production, Mauro Casalese. For further information email

Many creator/producers and independent studios have found recently that a new path needs to be taken to get a show made. Instead of just looking at the domestic market, the international marketplace needs to be pursued in order to open up an entire new realm of possibilities. Rob Davies of Atomic Cartoons discusses "Pitching and Networking at the BIG Shows."