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Atomic Betty DVDs Hot for Holiday Shopping

Looking for something to delight girls for the holidays, try the Warner Home Video (WHV) releases, ATOMIC BETTY VOLUME 1: BETTY, SET, GO! and ATOMIC BETTY VOLUME 2: BETTY TO THE RESCUE! DVDs.

The ATOMIC BETTY TV series follows the adventures of Betty, a little girl with a big secret. To her friends and family, she's the sweet and brainy girl next door, but when the galaxy beckons, she sheds her humdrum persona and becomes, "Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos." While the citizens of Earth carry on with their every day lives, Atomic Betty zips across the galaxy on daring and valiant missions, from saving a race of space monkeys from a giant caterpillar invasion to rescuing a kidnapped ambassador from a ruthless king. Shes a hero to the universe, but on her home planet Earth, Bettys just one of the gang.

Both volumes feature eight 11-minute episodes of girl-power action, intergalactic adventures, for the first time on DVD. Each volume retails for $19.97 (SRP). Out-of-this world extra content includes a music video by Tajja Isen (the voice of Atomic Betty) and an animated interview with the villains, Maximus and Minimus.

A co-production from Breakthrough Animation, Atomic Cartoons and Teleimages Kids, ATOMIC BETTY airs in more than 100 countries. The show debuted on Cartoon Network in fall 2004 and airs three times per week in the U.S. Based on the shows success, Cartoon Network has signed on for 52 episodes of this cosmic series.