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AtomFilms releases short film compilation

AtomFilms, which distributes short films both online and offline, has released twocompilations of short films: DEFINITELY NOT HOLLYWOOD: THE DARK COMEDYEDITION and DEFINITELY NOT HOLLYWOOD: THE EXTREME COMEDY EDITION. Theformer is exclusively live-action, but the latter is a collection of bothlive-action and animated shorts. The animated films, which are in the sickand twisted tradition, are LOUIE THE FLY and DOG FISHING by Joe Byrnes,LIVING WITH RIDALYN by Ron Noble, THE HANGNAIL by Shane Acker, and severalshort installments of a series called THE SID THE SIDESPLITTER SHOW.However, the best films on the collection are live-action, including FASTFOOD, a Martin Scorsese spoof, and BOY NEXT DOOR, in which a brother andsister compete for the affection of the title character. The other filmsare SAVING RYAN'S PRIVATES and JACKPOT. Most of these films will also beavailable for viewing at a later date on the AtomFilms website Meanwhile, the VHS retails for US$14.99 and the DVDretails for US$19.99.