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AtomFilms broadens distribution

AtomFilms, a website devoted to short films, is teaming up with WarnerBros. Online, NBC's, RealNetworks,, Atomic Pop, andStreamSearch. AtomFilms will provide short form entertainment to thesecompany's websites. These Internet companies join Atom's existingdistribution partners that span both online and traditional industries,including: HBO, Sundance Channel, Continental Airlines, Air Canada,Excite@Home, Go Network,,, College Broadcast Network, andSonicNet. AtomFilms also launched the latest version of its entertainmentWeb site, featuring new content channels and utilizing the Atom ProgrammingArchitecture (APA), for advanced A/V programming of short films, animationsand digital media. This database system allows consumers to interact withthe content via reviews and publishing features, and enables AtomFilms tocollect consumer information and use it to deliver online entertainmentprogramming to its distribution partners and its own online community.AtomFilms offers hundreds of "shorts" ranging from dramatic films tointeractive animations and digital media. The new AtomFilms Web sitedelivers daily programming as well as regularly updated offerings in eachof five new content channels: Audience, Download, Spotlight, Film andAnimation. "AtomFilms is a pioneer in online programming for the Web and weare excited about teaming up with them to leverage their knowledge andexpertise," said Thomas Frank, senior vice president, Media Publishing &Programming, RealNetworks, Inc. "We recognize that there is incredibleconsumer demand emerging for short form entertainment and working withAtomFilms will allow us to deliver quality short films and animations in away that meets the specific entertainment needs of our diverse consumeraudiences."