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Atom is hip to shorts

Atom Corp., a new entertainment company aiming to distribute short animated and live-action films, has opened shop. The start-up firm has already established alliances with cable networks such as HBO and Sundance Channel, online services including Disney's Go Network/Infoseek, Mr. Showbiz,, Warner Bros. Online and, the high-speed broadband service @Home, as well as airlines such as Air New Zealand, Air Canada and Continental Airlines. "Short-form entertainment has always been a favorite of audiences, but the economics of entertainment distribution have shut it out of the mainstream and restricted the format to 'niche' outlets," said Jim Banister, Executive VP of Warner Bros. Online. "The emergence of new delivery platforms, especially the Internet, is fueling the emergence of short-form entertainment as a viable business, and causing even mainstream outlets, like cable, to revisit the use of short-form entertainment to retain audiences." Thus far, Atom, which has offices in Seattle and London, has acquired over 40 films including the Oscar-nominated live-action film HOLIDAY ROMANCE. Atom's website is located at and features a continuing online short film festival updated weekly, as well as independent film news and an online store.