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Aspera Introduces Aspera Drive and Faspex 4.0

Aspera introduces a new file sharing experience with Aspera Drive and faspex 4.0, which will be demonstrated at NAB 2013.

Las Vegas, NV -- Aspera, Inc. announced the introduction and preview of a new file sharing experience that brings together the best of Aspera faspex, Shares, and Sync technologies into a single unified platform for project-based file collaboration.

Unlike the myriad of “Drive”, “File Sync” and “File Sharing” services on today’s Internet, the Aspera platform allows for transfer and synchronization of files sets of any size and any number with maximum speed at any distance, with the full access control, privacy and security of Aspera technology. An innovative architecture allows for deploying on-premise, on the cloud, or a hybrid combination for complete flexibility.

This new experience, introduced as “Aspera Drive” and “faspex 4.0”, brings remote file browsing, transfer, synchronization, and package sending and receiving fully integrated ino the Desktop, Browser and Mobile platforms with a natural project-based collaboration model.

Users enjoy maximum transfer speed, security, and distance-independent collaboration and can access and exchange “big data” with ease from their environment of choice.  Aspera veterans will recognize how the user experience builds on Aspera Connect, Cargo, Sync and Mobile, and unifies Shares and faspex on the backend to achieve a revolutionary file sharing experience.

Aspera Drive brings together all transfer and synchronization paradigms of the new faspex 4.0 backend directly into the desktop file explorer:

  • Users can browse their Projects and authorized Shares,and easily share files and directories of any size by drag and drop fromthe desktop to their Aspera Shares, right-click to sync a local folderwith a Project, or right-click to send files and directories to otherProject members and users as a faspex package.
  • To receive new files to their desktop, users cansubscribe and automatically receive faspex packages via theirInbox, Sync any new files in their Project Shares, or simply download newfiles by drag and drop from a remote Share to a local folder within theirDrive view.
  • With the new Aspera Drive for Mobile and faspex App for Mobile, iOS and Android users can browse their Projects andShares, and upload and download files, or send and receive packages withemail integration.
  • Users can have one or more unique authenticated Driveaccounts with each faspex provider supporting simultaneous accessand collaboration concurrently within the same Aspera Drive installation.

Faspex 4.0 is a web application tier that combines all of the file sharing and package sending capabilities of Aspera faspex and Shares, and deploys in conjunction with Aspera Enterprise Server(s) in the enterprise or on the cloud to power the Aspera Drive file-sharing ecosystem.

A new project-based approach combines users and user groups with file and directory resources (“Shares”) into project collaboration spaces. Projects can have custom metadata, with third party dropboxes for ingest of content and metadata, and custom branding by project, making it ideal for third-party file sharing, ingest and delivery. 

  • Users can browse their Projects and Shares, andtransfer, send, or sync files and directories via Aspera Drive on theDesktop, faspex browser interface using the Aspera Connectbrowser plug-in, or from the mobile app - and recipients can immediatelybe notified of content availability via email.
  • User management flexes across enterprise users andthird parties with support for multiple directory services, federatedauthentication and single sign-on, and third-party invitations.
  • Transfer policies such as bandwidth preferences,priorities, vlinks, and security settings can be configured by users,groups, and also by Project.
  • The Aspera Node API has been extended to supportShares-based access control for browsing, transfer, and sync in additionto the existing API for faspex package sending, receiving andpackage info.

The Aspera Drive and faspex 4.0 experience extends to the iOS and Android mobile platforms with full compatibility with the faspex Mobile App for iOS and for Android, and a new Aspera Drive for Mobile app that allows the user to browse Projects and Shares, and upload and download from their device using fasp.

Aspera will be demonstrating a preview of Aspera Drive and faspex 4.0 at NAB in the Aspera booth SL9716, and expects to make available a beta in Summer 2013.

Source: Aspera

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