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ASIFA-SF's Third Annual Twelfth Night Party

Fun starts at 7:30 p.m. January 3, free, bring friends, BYOB, some food and drink will be provided, but feel free to contribute more tasty things to eat and drink if you wish at oddball films, 275 Capp St., 3rd floor.

Take part in "Santa's gift exchange for pink elephants." Nancy Phelps says Twelfth Night parties with pink elephant gift exchanges are an old European tradition. A Santa will be picked for the event and then have him or her redistribute the worst present of 2008 that was given to you. Bring whatever it is you want to get rid of nicely wrapped. Put a tag on it so Santa will know who to give it to (a male or female, the size if it is clothing, etc.). You can try to swap gifts after Santa leaves the room.

Karl Cohen will bring rare 16mm films to screen. He has an hour-long program recently shown by a festival in Melbourne Australia. See Willis O'Brian's PREHISTORIC POULTRY, Vince Collins' MALICE IN WONDERLAND, Sally Cruickshank's QUASI AT THE QUACKADERO. Seth Olitzky' s BALLET FRENETIC, Jay Ward and Alex Anderson's CRUSADER RABBIT and Jeff Hale and John Magnuson's THANK YOU MASK MAN.

Oddball Films is located at 275 Capp St. between 17th and 18th Street. Capp runs parallel to and between Mission and Van Ness. The warehouse is near the 16th St. Bart Station and the Victoria Theatre. It is a giant third floor warehouse loft full of rare 16mm films. Stephen Parr provides historic footage to filmmakers and runs a great underground film series in this space.