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ASIFA-Hollywood Continues Commitment to Open-Source Animation Technology

Development grant awarded to 2D vector graphics animation software Synfig.

2D vector graphics animation software Synfig awarded $2,000 development grant.

BURBANK, CA -- The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood announced its continued commitment to open-source animation technology earlier in June with a special development sponsorship to Synfig, a 2D vector graphics animation program. The amount awarded was $2,000. This grant will help keep their new developer employed full-time, working on bug-fixes and improving stability of the free and open source software. ASIFA members are encouraged to download and experiment with the software today at

“The last few years, there have been incredible advancements in the quality of open source software solutions for artists,” says ASIFA-Hollywood board member Danny Young. “Open-Source software development is more than ever serving as a counterweight to put fantastic free technology in the hands of anyone who is curious enough to explore it. By supporting ASIFA-Hollywood, you make projects like this possible. So, thank you, ASIFA membership!”  

There are several things the ASIFA community can do to encourage the growth of this unique industry. As artists, ASIFA-Hollywood encourages its members to try popular open source software programs for themselves. Simply engaging these communities online is a small step to help foster better tools and better art for everyone.

Here are some links to popular free programs which might interest ASIFA-Hollywood members:






Notepad ++

Open Broadcaster


ASIFA-Hollywood is the world’s first and foremost professional organization dedicated to promoting the Art of Animation and celebrating the people who create it. Today, ASIFA-Hollywood, the largest chapter of the international ASIFA organization, supports a range of animation activities and preservation efforts through its membership. Current initiatives include the Animation Archive, Animation Aid Foundation, Animation Educators Forum, animated film preservation, special events, scholarships and screenings.

Source: ASIFA-Hollywood