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Asian Media Information and Communication Conference

* Thursday, June 29 - Saturday, July 1, 2000. Singapore, Singapore. The 9th Asian Media Information and Communication (AMIC) Conference will be presenting "Digital Millennium: Opportunities For Asian Media." The event will focus on how new technologies in entertainment, information and education is effecting laws and regulations and the Asian society as a whole. The conference will have over 40 speakers and 250 delegates from media and communication industries, policymakers and academics in Asia-Pacific. The AMIC helps encourage media and communication in the Asia-Pacific area. The opening ceremony's keynote speech will be from Lim Swee Say, the minister of state communications and information technology for Singapore. For more information contact conference coordinator Jose Ma Carlos at: Tel.: ++65-792-7570; Fax: ++65-792-7129; or E-mail:

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