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ArtStation Launches Maxon Product Channels

The art and design platform will no provide users an outlet to share work and connect with Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Redshift, and ZBrush artist communities.

Art and Design platform, ArtStation, has launched new channels showcasing artwork created with Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Redshift, and ZBrush. The platform gives artists an opportunity to display their work while connecting with others in the Maxon design community.   

“ArtStation is well known for being home to one of the most vibrant and active communities in the design industry,” commented Maxon CEO David McGavran.  “It has proven itself as a great place to get a lot of exposure for seasoned and aspiring artists alike. We’re delighted to see the enormous amount of brilliant and creative work by our community on ArtStation posted every day.” 

Links to the new channels are below:

How to use the new channels:

  • For artwork to be included, artists must tag the content with the software used and it will automatically be added to that product’s channel.
  • To follow any software channel and have it pinned on the ArtStation homepage, visitors can simply search for the software from the channels dropdown menu and click the "+" to follow.

Source: ArtStation

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