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Artixels releases Escher 1.2 for Nuke

A suite of image generators and 2.5D creative tools designed for compositors, licenses for Escher 1.2 for Nuke start at $499.

HONG KONG -- Hong Kong-based boutique VFX software developer Artixels has announced the immediate release of its new update of the visual effects plugin suite, Escher 1.2 for Nuke.

Escher for Nuke is a suite of image generators and 2.5D creative tools designed for Nuke compositors who are looking for tools to explore the creative possibilities stashed between 2D and 3D. Spherical Harmonics lighting tools, Depth-based Ambient Occlusion, Advanced glossy shader and powerful 2.5D data processing nodes of Escher enable creative 3D image making in a different way while taking full advantage of the organic nature of 2D image processing and manipulation.

This new update extends Escher’s powerful 2.5D toolset to the Deep Compositing area with four brand-new Deep modes that allow Escher users to re-light CGI images rendered with distributed effects such as depth of field or motion blurred objects. By taking full advantage of deep data AOVs (Deep Normal vector) rendered from CGI renderers such as Solid Angle’s Arnold or Pixar’s RenderMan, Escher extends its powerful image-based light tools to a Deep Compositing workflow.

Escher 1.2 for Nuke is immediately available for The Foundry’s Nuke 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 on all supported 64bit platforms which include Windows 7, Linux (CentOS 5.X, 6.X) and Mac OSX (10.8 & 10.9). Licenses start at U$499 for a standalone license.

Source: Artixels

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