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‘Ark: The Animated Series’ Drops on Paramount+

Based on the ‘Survival Evolved’ video game and boasting a voice cast that includes Vin Diesal, Michelle Yeoh, Russell Crowe, Monica Bellucci, and Gerard Butler, the series debuted its first six episodes yesterday, with the remaining 7 episodes of Season 1 to drop at a later date.

Surprise! The first six episodes of Ark: The Animated Series Season 1 have dropped on Paramount+, with the last seven installments to release at a later date.

Based on the Survival Evolved video game, the series begins when 21st century paleontologist Helena Walker (voiced by Madeleine Madden) is resurrected on a mysterious primeval island populated by prehistoric beasts. Helena must learn to survive with new allies from throughout time, while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.

Alongside Madden, the series boasts the voice talents of Michelle Yeoh; Russell Crowe; Gerard Butler; David Tennant; Jeffrey Wright; Elliot Page; Vin Diesel; Karl Urban; Zahn McClarnon; Devery Jacobs; Elliot Page; Deborah Mailman; Ragga Ragnars; Malcolm McDowell; Monica Bellucci; and Alan Tudyk.

Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak executive produce alongside Marc Diana Doug Kennedy; Jay Oliva; James Baldanzi; Diesel and Samantha Vincent for One Race Films; Butler and Alan Siegel for G-Base Entertainment; and Crowe. Stieglitz, Oliva, David Hartman, and Sebastian Montes direct, while Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis are co-writers. The series produced by Lost Continent Entertainment and Lex + Otis.

Check out the Ark: The Animated Series launch video now:

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