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ArcLight Cinemas’ Cinerama Dome and XpanD to Present Avatar, The Ultimate 3-D Cinema Experience

ArcLight Cinemas and XpanD look to set a record box office opening by showcasing James Cameron’s Avatar at the Cinerama Dome this week in Hollywood.

Press Release from Arcligt Cinemas and XpanD

LOS ANGELES - ArcLight Cinemas and XpanD look to set a record box office opening by showcasing James Cameron’s Avatar at the Cinerama Dome this week in Hollywood. Since its inception in 1963, the iconic Cinerama Dome has never played a movie in 3-D format as it was considered technically impossible. XpanD, the world’s leading 3-D technology provider, being the most efficient and technology suitable 3-D cinema choice with the capability to accommodate a screen size of 32 x 86 feet and to project digital 3-D on a giant curved dome, managed to bridge the historical technical 3-D challenge.

As a result, this will be the ultimate Avatar 3-D experience. Located on Sunset Boulevard, the Cinerama Dome has been one of the best-known cinemas in the world for more than four decades, delivering the biggest blockbuster hits using the latest in cinematic innovations. Moreover, the theater consistently ranks as one of the top five grossing theatres in the country and has built its strong reputation upon its unique, 800-seat geodesic-shaped theater that presents a variety of technical differences compared to traditional theaters while sitting in the heart of Hollywood where many studio executives, filmmakers and industry professionals choose to view blockbuster titles.

XpanD offers the world’s best 3-D technology for large format and specialty cinema environments, and because XpanD’s technology does not require a silver screen or other ancillary projection devices, XpanD 3-D is the only solution for the giant Dome experience. XpanD’s active 3-D solution is based upon the patented "pi-cell" system, delivering alternate right- and left-eye images with fast switching stereoscopic shutter action. Unlike competitive passive 3-D technologies that use inexpensive disposable glasses, XpanD’s active 3-D glasses do not affect image quality, do not have ghosting effects and do not manipulate the colors and contrast which is crucial in delivering the best 3-D image and requisite for a movie such as Avatar. “We’re elated to be providing the 3-D systems for the historic ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood,” said Maria Costeira, CEO for XpanD.

“Furthermore, with an XpanD 3-D system at the Cinerama Dome in time for the opening of Avatar, viewers will experience the most anticipated 3-D feature film in history in one of the best 3-D viewing environments in the world.” “Our guests have come to expect the best movie-going experience possible,” said Joe Miragila, Director of Design, Construction and Facilities of ArcLight Cinemas. “XpanD’s 3-D technology now available in the Dome will make our guests’ experience for the highly-anticipated Avatar that much more special.”

For more information on XpanD, please visit X6D Limited is a global company whose products and services are marketed under the XpanD brand name. XpanD was created by industry veterans in theatrical exhibition, entertainment, film production and distribution, and specialty film and digital technologies and is funded by a European investment fund. XpanD technology is used by over 2,000 3-D cinemas in more than 50 countries and is the default 3-D solution for post-production houses, educational and professional 3-D applications. XpanD designs, manufactures and OEMs a range of consumer electronics 3-D solutions.