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‘Aquaman 2’ May Focus More on Mera

According to rumors, in an effort to push ‘girl power and feminism,’ the upcoming aquatic DC film may center less on the actual eponymous hero and more on Mera and/or Queen Atlanna.

Even though Donald Trump’s out of the White House, do you still need something to roll your eyes about? Well… you’re in luck! The never-ending frustration-inducing saga that is Amber Heard garners yet another installment. According to the sometimes-dependable tipster Daniel Richtman, Aquaman 2 could be focusing more on Mera and/or Queen Atlanna in an effort to push “girl power and feminism.” Sigh.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for strong female characters. However, the franchise is Aquaman, not Mera…man. Especially when it comes to Heard, the less we see, the better. There seems to be a “replace male-led-franchises with females” trend happening, and while equal representation is necessary, we say give the girls their own movies instead of rebooting old ones. Let’s be original, OK?

With no other solid plot details at hand for Aquaman 2, this rumor very well may hold merit. Maybe Heard will be fired before more is revealed.

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