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Anything World Launches Animate Anything AI Rigging and Animation Tool

New service rigs and animates static models in a matter of moments.

Anything World, an innovative 3D creation platform, has just launched Animate Anything, an AI-enabled service that rigs and animates users’ static models in a matter of moments.

Users can upload any version of a static 3D model within a choice of categories, follow a few simple steps to check the rig, mesh and rotation of the model - then see a fully animated 3D model produced.

Animate Anything is designed to support anyone working in 3D animation and game development. The company noted that rigging is a painfully laborious process that creators can sink days into, stating, “This new product will appeal to the full gamut of skills - from developers starting out to big studios looking to manage animation pipelines more efficiently and supercharge development time.”

The company also noted that Animate Anything stands out because of the unusual and broad categories available. The launch will include numerous upstanding two-legged beings: humans, humanoids, robots and aliens - and all gaits and weights from the animal kingdom: plodders, paddlers, trotters, lopers and leapers, grippers and climbers. “The agile to ample.” Creatures that swoop, soar, paddle, scuttle - and sting. Whie modes of transport aren’t rigged per se, cars, trucks, trikes and bikes can be segmented, ready for animation.

Animate Anything is a natural but technically significant progression from Anything World’s previous launch of Rigged & Ready, their exclusive collection of auto-rigged models available on the Unity Asset Store and Unreal.

According to Gordon Midwood, CEO and Head of Alien Communications, Anything World, “We’re delighted to launch our automated rigging and animation service upon an unsuspecting world (and beyond for those aliens with 3D needs). This service allows you to rig and animate all kinds of 3D objects in moments, and we’re so excited to see what everyone in the world (and beyond) is going to create. And, much like a rampant elephant at a children’s ice skating party, we believe this service to be genuinely groundbreaking and highly disruptive. Let the creation begin!”

Users will be able to save models in all the usual 3D formats, ready for use on their latest game, immersive world, app, metaverse or virtual cake juggling simulation.

Source: Anything World

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