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Antz, Bugs and Rats are Big

Animated films played a very big role at this weekend's box office whichsaw strong performances from three animated features. After eight weeks,"ANTZ" remained in the Top 10 at No. 9 pulling in $2.3 million. "A Bug'sLife" was impressive in its one-theater debut in Hollywood, California'shistoric El Capitan theater grossing an amazing $291,000 during theweekend. This opening set house records at the El Capitan according tosources at Buena Vista. The biggest story this weekend though wasParamount's "The Rugrats Movie" grossing a commanding $28 million averaging$10,065 per theater despite lackluster reviews and limited appeal to olderaudiences. This performance easily makes it the best opening for anon-Disney animated film ever and fourth overall among feature cartoonsbehind "The Lion King" ($40.9M), "Pocahontas" ($29.5M), and "Toy Story"($29.1M).