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Antonucci hires Falconer and Robinson-May

Vancouver, British Columbia-based a.k.a Cartoon, Inc., Danny Antonucci's studio, has hired. Falconer as storyboard supervisor/storyboard director, and Marlene Robinson-May as storyboard director and animation timing director. Falconer previously worked at Vancouver-based Mainframe Entertainment on REBOOT, BEAST WARS, and WAR PLANETS. Childhood chums Falconer and Antonucci worked together at Vancouver-based International Rocketship in the '80s on Antonucci's LUPO THE BUTCHER. Robinson-May began her career at Walt Disney Productions as an in-betweener and break-down artist on THE JUNGLE BOOK, THE SWORD IN THE STONE, SLEEPING BEAUTY, MARY POPPINS, and others. At Hanna-Barbera she worked as an assistant animator and special effects animator on such shows as THE FLINTSTONES, TOP CAT, and SPACE GHOST. She has also worked for Ruby-Spears Enterprises, Leo Salkin Productions, Halas & Batchelor, Richard Williams Productions, Filmation, and Chuck Jones Productions. For the last six years she has been a freelance timing director for Film Roman, Graz Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Disney, Universal, Klasky Csupo, and DIC Entertainment.