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Annecy 2024 Official Short Film Selections Revealed

Out of 1,505 short film submissions from 108 countries, 31 films will compete in the ‘Official’ category, 12 films in the ‘Off-Limits’ category, 16 in the ‘Perspectives’ section, and 8 in the ‘Young Audience’ section, with an additional 40 films competing in the ‘Graduation Films’ categories; the festival runs June 9-15.

The 2024 Annecy Festival has unveiled the official selection of short films in competition for the 48th edition, which runs June 9-15. Out of the 1,505 films from 108 countries, 67 films from 33 countries were selected to compete in this year’s edition.

31 films will compete in the Official category, 12 in the Off-Limits category, 16 in the Perspectives category, and 8 in the Young Audiences category. 40 Graduation films in competition were also announced.

Competition Short Films – Competition: Official

  • [S] by Mario Radev: United Kingdom
  • Aquatic by Shiva Sadegh Asadi: Iran
  • Beautiful Men by Nicolas Keppens: Belgium, France, Netherlands
  • Circle by Yumi Joung: South Korea
  • In the Shadow of the Cypress by Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani: Iran
  • Drizzle in Johnson by Ivan Li: Canada
  • When It Comes (It Will Have Your Eyes) by Izibene Oñederra Aramendi: Spain
  • Flower Show by Elli Vourinen: Finland
  • Free the Chickens by Matus Vizar: Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • Gina Kamentsky’s Pinocchio in 70MM by Gina Kamentsky: U.S.
  • Hurikán by Jan Saska: Czech Republic, France, Bosnia and Herzegovnia
  • In Perpetuum by Birute Sodeikaite: Canada
  • Joko by Izabella Plucinska: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic
  • Kaminhu by Marie Vieillevie: France
  • Maybe Elephants by Torill Kove: Norway, Canada
  • Kawauso by Akihito Izuhara: Japan
  • La Voix des Sirènes by Gianluigi Toccafondo: France, Italy
  • The Painting by Michèle Lemieux: Canada
  • Margarethe 89 by Lucas Malbrun: France
  • Miserable Miracle by Ryo Orikasa: France, Canada, Japan
  • Mont Noir by Jean-Baptiste Peltier, Erika Haglund: France, Portugal
  • Moral Support by Vuk Jevremovic: Germany, Croatia
  • Butterfly by Florence Miailhe: France
  • Percebes by Alexandra Ramires, Laura GonÇalves: Portugal, France
  • Plus Douce Est la Nuit by Fabienne Wagenaar: France
  • Horse Portrait by Witold Giersz: Poland
  • Preoperational Model by Philip Ullman (Netherlands)
  • Return to Hairy Hill (Retour à Hairy Hill) by Daniel Gies: Canada
  • Shoes and Hooves by Viktoria Traub: Hungary
  • Tennis, Oranges by Sean Pecknold: U.S.
  • The Car that came back from the Sea by Jadwiga Kowalska: Switzerland

Competition Short Films – Competition: Off Limits

  • Families’ Albumx by Moïa Jobin-Paré: Canada
  • Beyond by Patrick Bokanowski: France
  • Corpus and the Wandering by Jo Roy: Canada
  • by Dale Zhou, Hongxiang Zhou: U.S.
  • The Great Tree Piece by Claudia Larcher: Austria
  • Data Flesh by Felipe Elgueta: Chile
  • Glass House by Boris Labbé: France
  • Grain Cloud Atmosphere by Martin Moolhuijsen: Italy, Germany
  • Lines by Martin Schmidt: Germany
  • Entropic Memory by Nicolas Brault: Canada
  • O/S by Max Hattler: Germany, Hong Kong
  • Acoustic Shadows by Patrick Bergeron: Canada

Competition Short Films – Competition: Perspectives

  • The Girl and the Pot by Valentina Homem: Brazil
  • The Change of the Wheel by Begoña Arostegui: Spain
  • Elene Dariani by Elene Tavadze: Georgia
  • Gigi by Cynthia Calvi: France
  • Homesick by Yasmin Moll: Egypt
  • Hey Dad by Wei Fan Wang: Taiwan
  • I Died in Irpin by Anastasiia Falileieva: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine
  • It Shouldn’t Rain Tomorrow by Maria Trigo Teixeira: Portugal, Germany
  • Last Night by Peter Oti Asamoah: Ghana
  • Rose Rash by Thanut Rujitanont: Thailand
  • Pie dan lo by Kim Yip Tong: Mauritius, France
  • Silent Panorama by Nicolas Piret: Belgium
  • The Meatseller by Margherita Giusti: Italy
  • The Wild-Tempered Clavier by Anna Samo: Germany
  • This Is a Story Without a Plan by Cassie Shao: U.S.
  • Underground by Yiannis Christoforou: Greece, Cypress

Competition Short Films – Competition: Young Audiences

  • Shelter Abri by Julie Daravan Chea: France
  • Hello Summer by Martin Smatana, Veronika Zacharová: Slovakia, Czech Republic, France
  • Basha by Paul Anirban: India
  • Yuck! by Loïc Espuche: France
  • Baking with Boris by Masa Avramovic (France, Switzerland, Croatia)
  • Head in the Clouds by Rémi Durin: France
  • Tuu-Tuu-Til by Veronica Solomon: Germany
  • Wing It by Rik Schutte: Netherlands

Competition: Graduation Films

  • 7 Missing by Yuval Katz: Israel
  • Adiós by José Prats: U.K.
  • Apartment 203 by Mariana Moreno Bernal, Eduardo Poiré Couto: Mexico
  • Ardent Other by Alice Brygo: France
  • Between You and Me by Cameron Kletke: Canada
  • Carrotica by Daniel Sterlin-Altman: Germany
  • Claw by Lucas Ferrer, Ayoub Chaibi, Marianne Dautheville, Chloé Ferrus, Thomas Petroni, Melissa Saba, Dylan Sayagh, Alizée Valenzuela, Florian Wagner: France
  • Crow Man by Yohann Abdelnour: Lebanon
  • Echoes by Robinson Drossos: France
  • Echoes of Grief by Verena Repar: Austria
  • Noodles au Naturel by Matteo Salanave Piazza: France
  • Girls' Hair by Klara Thafvelin: Sweden
  • Hic svnt dracones by Justin Fayard: France
  • Humantis by Paris Baillie: U.S.
  • I Wanna Be a Statue by Harvey Auerbach-Dunn: U.K.
  • Is This Now the Time I Should Let You Go? by Yi-Chin Tsai: Finland, Taiwan, Belgium, Portugal
  • Maatitel by Govinda Sao: India
  • Mary: Through Glass by Wyatt Carson: U.S.
  • Minus Plus Multiply by Chu-Chieh Lee: U.K.
  • Moving Mountains by Jessica Poon: Germany
  • Piiritajad by Ada Napiórkowski: Estonia
  • Weeds by Pola Kazak: Czech Republic
  • Rising Above by Natálie Durchánková: Czech Republic
  • Windows from the South by Eugen Bilankov: Croatia
  • Pubert Jimbob by Quirijn Dees: Belgium
  • Return by Lindong Chen: Japan
  • Bloodletting by Alejandro Jiménez Mora: Costa Rica
  • Searching for the 5th Direction by Matthias Schüpbach: Switzerland
  • To Be a Seed by Julia Granillo Tostado: Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Mexico
  • Sheep Out by Zofia Klamka: Poland
  • Show by Jagoda Czarnowska: Poland
  • Stale Smoke by Arthur Jamain: France
  • The Bubby Bear Show by Thavin Vongpatanasin: U.S.
  • The Last Visit by Keawalee Warutkomain: Estonia
  • The Monster by Ruby Yang, Bomin Kim: South Korea
  • The Time Botanist by Glenn Paul-Parvenu: France
  • To the Brink by Hugo Docking: U.K.
  • Waterpark by Ross Malo: Ireland
  • Yapolaponky by Masataka Kihara: Japan
  • You Are the Truck and I Am the Deer by Max Ferguson: Belgium

Learn more about the short nominees here.

Source: Annecy 2024