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Annecy 2021 Announces Special Prizes and Juries

Sponsored and special festival prizes will be awarded Friday, June 18; YouTube Award and CANAL+ Junior Jury Award top the list.

The Annecy Festival is just around the corner – running June 14-19. This year, ‘Special Prizes’ will be awarded to a dozen works from the official selections, presented Friday June 18.

Special Partner Prizes:

YouTube Award – award will go to a film in competition in the Short Film and Graduation Film categories. The winner will receive $10,000 to assist financing a new production.

  • The jury includes Brigitte Lecordier, Cyprien, and Anthony Roux.

CANAL+ Junior Jury Award – The Annecy Festival junior juries will be tasked with choosing the winner of their award from the Short Film and Graduation Film categories.

Other partner awards include:

Best Original Music Award for a Short and Feature Film, sponsored by the SACEM:

  • Jury includes Florencia Di Concilio, Marcel Jean, and Christophe Heral


  • Jury includes Djia Mambu, Davide Davide Abbatescianni, and Simone Soranna

Festivals Connexion Award

  • Jury includes Valentine Bottaro, Chloé Le Nôtre, and Grégory Tudella

André-Martin Award for a French Short Film and a French Feature Film

  • Jury includes Christine Gendre, Carolina Lopez, Dominique Seutin, Thomas Fouet, and Jacques Kermabon

The Festival’s Special Prizes:

City of Annecy Award

  • Jury includes Soujoude Wafa Naami, Moustafa Kabore, and Seidou Samba Toure

Junior Jury Award for a Short Film

  • Jury includes Édouard Louys, Taha-Aziz Ouazzani, and Julien Le Hong

Junior Jury Award for a Graduation Film and Young Audience Award:

  • Jury includes Constance Bellot, Kelly-Verane Gnakouri, Tess Seriyes, and Doh Daniel Daiga.

Visit the Annecy Festival website for additional information.

Source: Annecy Festival 2021