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Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Launches

Smith Micro Software releases the latest version of their all-in-one animation solution, Anime Studio Pro 9.5.

Smith Micro Software, Inc. Productivity and Graphics Group announced the availability of Anime Studio Pro 9.5, the newest version of its all-in-one animation solution that enables professional animators and animation teams to create remarkable 2D movies, cartoons and cutout animations for film, television, Web, video games, advertising and more. Anime Studio Pro 9.5 offers an updated Smart Bones rigging feature for better control and movement of animations, a powerful vector based canvas that allows you to modify animations precisely with less effort and enhanced drawing, coloring and text options.

“Professional animators are always rushing to meet deadlines and want to work in an environment that speeds up their workflow,” said Fahim Niaz, senior product manager for Smith Micro Software. “We’ve updated Anime Studio Pro 9.5 to include improvements that were requested by users, providing them with more control over their workflow and allowing them to create their animations faster and more easily than any other animation program.”

Anime Studio Pro 9.5 provides digital artists with a variety of convenient features for an optimized animation workflow. Tools such as bone rigging and Smart Bones, an intuitive timeline with editable motion graphs and Bezier handles, Adobe Photoshop import and text options as well as audio recording, sound effects and automatic lip-synching allow users to achieve higher quality animations right out of the box.

“Anime Studio Pro 9.5 is the most intuitive 2D animation software in the market,” said Victor Paredes, renowned Anime Studio and Fluor Films artist. “Version 9.5 has many fantastic features that are extremely helpful in meeting deadlines and keeping your work process streamlined - Bones now can bend any nested layer and the Smart Bones tool is even more powerful, controlling every channel you want. Combine both of these features and you will easily get incredible rigs that were impossible to make before.”

Anime Studio’s enhanced bone rigging feature improves workflow efficiency by allowing users to animate quickly and precisely. Simply add a character, click to add overlaying bones and move bone points to create the pose or motion you want. The integrated Smart Bones tool additionally reduces or entirely removes distortion around your character's joints and allows you to group a set of points and use control levers to create 3D-looking motion that can be easily repeated with the turn of a dial.

“Anime Studio Pro 9.5 is a great tool for individual animators and animation teams,” said Dave Cockburn, director at Squeaky Pictures. “With a variety of tools and an easy-to-use interface, users can create complete animations from start to finish in no time. I doubt I would still be animating today without it.”

Anime Studio offers a solution for both advanced and first-time users. Targeted towards novice animators, Anime Studio Debut 9 provides features such as a Beginner’s Mode, Character Wizard and an extensive library of premade content. With the Debut version of Anime Studio, you can easily create quality animations from start to finish and share them on Facebook and YouTube.

Source: Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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