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Anime Network Unveils Format Details

Anime producer and distributor ADV Films is readying the launch of The Anime Network, with a mid-December launch as part of Comcast Cable's video-on-demand (VOD) initiative in the Philadelphia area. Comcast's VOD service is available to approximately 1.2 million customers in the Philadelphia area. The move will be phase one of the rollout of the network, which is the first television channel in North America dedicated to anime and anime-related content. Leadership at The Anime Network described the decision to launch phase one via VOD service as one of complementary strengths. "We're very excited to have completed this deal with Comcast; their VOD functionality is a perfect fit for our first step. Plus, we believe that on-demand systems are going to be a strong and enduring element of the direct-delivered home entertainment industry," said John Ledford, president and CEO of A.D. Vision, Inc., parent company of The Anime Network and ADV Films. "For our audience, a video-on-demand-based launch is quite perfect. Anime fans are really the ultimate early-adopters -- they're very tech savvy, and will be quick to appreciate the benefits of on- demand functionality." The Anime Network will offer four areas of content: action, sci-fi, comedy and martial arts. The mid-December VOD launch of The Anime Network will include approximately 25 hours of available content, including both feature films and episodes from series. Titles will include SPRIGGAN, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, EXCEL SAGA, MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO, GASARAKI, NOIR, DAI-GUARD, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040, ORPHEN, GOLDEN BOY, SORCERER HUNTERS, KIMERA, NINJA RESURRECTION, TEKKEN, THOSE WHO HUNT ELVES, GUNSMITH CATS, BURN UP W and SAMURAI X: THE MOTION PICTURE. ADV Films stated that it would continue to rollout the network with several other major national cable providers. For more information visit