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Animation Toolworks Ships The LunchBox Sync

At the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Animation Toolworks introduced a completely new electronic audio-video device for animators, the LunchBox Sync. The LunchBox Sync is a successor to their Video LunchBox, which enables animators to test their work in progress instantly and eliminate time-consuming errors by monitoring pacing, lighting, audio synchronization and registration. The LunchBox Sync captures still images from a video camera and plays back this sequence of images at the same rate as film or television. It accepts input from either composite (NTSC or PAL) or S-Video devices such as cameras and VCRs. It outputs this same format video to monitors, VCRs, computers, etc. The LunchBox Sync records these still images internally for playback at 24 or 30 frames per second (25fps for PAL). Over five minutes of animation can be stored. The LunchBox Sync also records audio input, plays back the audio with the video and plays associated clips of audio when frames are stepped through one at a time. The LunchBox Sync began shipping in September, for a price of US$2,995.

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The Lunchbox Sync will be reviewed in an upcoming issue of Animation World Magazine.

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