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Animation Accounted for 50% of Irish Production Spending in 2019

Last year, 39 Irish animation projects received a value of €372 million Section 481 tax relief, reflecting industry’s rapid growth.

The Irish animation sector’s rapid growth, which continued in 2019, now accounts for almost 50% of all production spending in Ireland. New figures released by Screen Ireland on projects that received Section 481 tax relief in 2019 show that there were 39 animation projects which received the relief with a total value of €372 million.

“The figures on spending in 2019 once again highlight the amazing growth of the animation industry in Ireland over the past five years,” commented Animation Ireland chief executive, Ronan McCabe. “To put these figures into context, in 2014 animation projects that received Section 481 support were valued at €85 million, which was 20% of the total. In just five years this has grown by 438%.’’

‘’The Screen Ireland figures show that Ireland is now a major global player when it comes to animation production, and this is something we should all be extremely proud of,” continued Ronan. “The creativity, talent and expertise we have on this island is extraordinary. We have been saying for years that the Irish animation sector has enormous potential and these figures back that up.’’

Animation Ireland is the trade association for Ireland’s animation studios. The animation sector directly employs more than 2,000 people, a number that is rapidly growing year after year. Animation Ireland now has 33 member studios, up from 25 in 2018 and just 14 in 2015.

Source: Animation Ireland