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Animated Women UK’s Virtual ‘Limitless V-Exhibition’ Launches September 23

Online gallery celebrates female artists from the VFX and animation industries; the Kunstmatrix presentation platform allows visitors to enjoy the exhibit at their leisure, in a 3D environment.

Animated Women UK will host “Limitless V-Exhibition,” a new exhibition featuring female artists from the VFX and animation industry. The virtual gallery celebrates the art of both established female artists as well as showcases emerging female talent. It debuts online on Thursday, September 23, presented on the Kunstmatrix platform, where visitors can explore the virtual gallery in a 3D environment. Art can be experienced up close and enjoyed at the viewer’s own leisurely pace.

Highlighting the work of creatives in a diverse range of roles across animation and VFX, the gallery features art from women in animation directing, producing, talent and recruitment, storyboarding and academia. These artists have spent their free time fulfilling their creative itch to push their personal artistic voice.

“Animated Women is incredibly proud to be hosting our very first Art Exhibition to showcase work from women across the VFX and Animation Industries,” commented Animated Women UK co-chair VFX Louise Hussey. “Initially, this was being planned as a 'real-life' exhibition and then COVID hit, and our plans changed to hosting a virtual exhibition. Our virtual art gallery has been developed with Kunstmatrix, who have been an amazing support for our team. The work from both established and emerging talent is varied - beautiful and challenging, and the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for us to give the artists a platform to show and talk about their work. Please do come along and hear from them!”

“About a year ago, I was sitting in my room one night sculpting away and was thinking that there didn’t seem to be many opportunities for showcasing physical artwork, especially for emerging female artists,” added Limitless director and creative producer Amy Blackwell. “Anna, Helen, and later Carrie came on board with their wealth of expertise, incredible ideas and input in order to turn it from a lightbulb idea into reality.”

“We wanted to create an opportunity that showcases the incredible talent of female artists in the animation and VFX industry,” she continued. “So many women create their own independent work outside of their day jobs that deserves to be seen and celebrated by many. Diversity is really important to us and so we invited both established and emerging artists to contribute. We felt the emphasis should be on physical works like paintings, sculptures and other ‘making of’ material that tends to be a little more ‘unseen.’ Now we’re here and the exhibition has come to fruition. The selection of artists is fantastic, and we can’t wait for you to check out the work!”

Tickets and information are available here.

Limitless hopes to host a physical exhibition, with more details to be released in the future.

Source: Animated Women UK