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Animated Dave the Barbarian To Conquer Disney Channel

The Disney Channel will debut a new animated series DISNEYS DAVE THE BARBARIAN, from Walt Disney Television Animation, in January 2004. Created by Doug Langdale, DISNEYS DAVE THE BARBARIAN follows the comedic adventures of an offbeat family in the Middle Ages as they protect themselves and their kingdom from a world of odd foes. Dave is joined by his primping older sister Candy and his fierce younger sister Fang. Brawny Daves is at odds with his environment since he actually has refined tastes, preferring the finer things in life, like origami, bird watching and gourmet cooking. His brute strength and his fine art skills combine creativity to ward off villains in a variety of way.

"Through Doug Langdales approach to animation, DAVE represents a true departure for Walt Disney Television Animation in its presentation of wacky, off-the-wall comedy," said Barry Blumberg, president of the animation division. "This series melding of Dougs improvisational comic nature and Disney Channels sensibilities of fun and family has proven a perfect example of the growing partnership between Walt Disney Television Animation and Disney Channel."

Langdale lives a dual life as an improvisational comic in Los Angeles with an equally distinguished career in animation. Twice nominated for Emmy Awards, Langdale created and exec produced DISNEYS THE WEEKENDERS. He also co-created and co-exec produced the Saturday morning cartoon PROJECT GEEKER, and was exec producer/writer on THE MR. POTATO HEAD SHOW. He has written for DISNEYS HOUSE OF MOUSE, HERCULES, DISNEY/PIXARS BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND, ALADDIN, DARKWING DUCK, QUACK PACK and PINKY, ELMYRA AND THE BRAIN. He also story-edited Earthworm Jim and wrote most of the episodes.

Disney vet Howy Parkins is directing DAVE THE BARBARIAN. He has directed DISNEY'S RECESS and DISNEYS LLOYD IN SPACE, as well as the upcoming Disney DVD/Video releases DISNEYS RECESS: TAKING THE FIFTH GRADE and DISNEYS RECESS: ALL GROWED DOWN.

Danny Cooksey (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, DISNEYS PEPPER ANN) heads an ensemble cast as Dave. Joining Cooksey is Estelle Harris (SEINFELD) as Lula, Daves magical talking well, nagging sword; Tress MacNeille (DISNEYS HOUSE OF MOUSE, THE SIMPSONS) as Fang, Daves small-yet-fierce little sister; Erica Luttrell (THE NEW GHOSTWRITER MYSTERIES) as Candy, Daves medieval material girl big sister; Kevin Michael Richardson (LIKE FAMILY) as Uncle Oswidge, a curmudgeonly sorcerer and the kids misguided guardian; Frank Welker (WHATS NEW SCOOBY-DOO?) as Faffy, the familys miniature, lightning-spitting pet dragon and Jeff Bennett (JOHNNY BRAVO) as the stately narrator.

Recurring episodic voice cast members include Joan and Melissa Rivers as an evil empress and princess; and Paul Rugg (DISNEYS ONE SATURDAY MORNING) as Daves chief foe, The Dark Lord Chuckles, the Silly Piggy. Metallicas James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich make their animation debut in a single episode as rogue teenage dragons.

The Disney Channel, available in more than 83 million homes, is a division of ABC Cable Networks Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.