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Animalps Announces Co-Productions Post MIFA

The French production company has an exciting slate of co-productions following this year’s MIFA at Annecy, France, including animated series and features, with companies like Future Dog Studio, Nippon Animation and Michele Guaschino Studio.

Animalps Productions (France) and Future Dog Studio are co-developing the animated feature film The 20 Days. The story is adapted from the Italian book Le 20 Giornate di Torino by Giorgio di Maria, published in 1977. The novel has just released in the U.S., published by Norton & Company, Inc..

Well-known Japanese production company Nippon Animation will co-produce the animated series Chad & Clark (26 x 7’), with Animalps Productions and MontBlanc Pictures, allowing Nippon Animation the opportunity to share its strong experience in the field.

Animalps Productions is also actively at work on the storyboards for The Khmer Smile, and has recently started production on the pilot for the stop-motion series Barbara, in collaboration with Future Dog Studio and Michele Guaschino Studio).

Source: Animalps Productions