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Animal Logic Creates Innovative 3D Concept Reel for 360-Degree Data Arena

Animation and VFX studio pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling with the creation of a 3D concept reel for a state-of-the-art research facility at the University of Technology Sydney.

Sydney-headquartered animation and VFX studio Animal Logic was the perfect partner to push the boundaries of digital storytelling to new limits with the creation of a 3D concept reel for state-of-the-art research facility the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Data Arena.

Fusing creativity and scientific innovation, the Data Arena is a 360-degree immersive visualization facility providing researchers a new window to view and conceptualize data.  With projects like the Academy Award-winning film Happy Feet, The Great Gatsby, or the BAFTA Award-winning The LEGO Movie, Animal Logic is no stranger to the challenges of creating enduring images that engage and resonate with audiences. To showcase the facility’s potential and armed with a brief to transport, engage and inspire users of the Data Arena, Animal Logic had the opportunity to reinvent classic cinematic story telling techniques.

 “We are excited by projects that challenge and push the envelope creatively and technically, and the Data Arena was no exception,” said Animal Logic CG supervisor Emmanuel Blasset. “The culture of movie making is based on very specific aspect ratios and screen sizes, so we follow a lot of rules in order to tell stories convincingly, such as composition, speed of movement and cuts. But in an environment like this, all of those concepts changed dramatically.”

“When we started the project, the Data Arena itself was under construction, so we found new ways of visualizing initial concepts and testing them from the audience’s point of view,” said Animal Logic art director Toby Grime. “We drew inspiration from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology building, which is encased in a stainless steel exoskeleton featuring a geometric ‘binary code’ with striking green neon lights.”

Utilizing a suite of creative tools and Animal Logic’s latest proprietary software developed by its in-house R&D team, the team was able to transcended the challenges and limitations placed before them.  Additionally, the use of Oculus Rift virtual reality technology assisted in conceptualizing, testing and producing the 3D concept reel for the space.

The result is a thrilling and immersive journey from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology building, past Sydney landmarks, around the world, into outer space and back again.  Audiences are left with an awe-inspiring look into the capability of the UTS Data Arena.

“Partnering with UTS on the creation of a 3D concept reel for the Data Arena provided a powerful sandbox for the talented artists and technicians at Animal Logic to push the boundaries creatively and technically,” said Animal Logic CEO Zareh Nalbandian. “The UTS Data Arena points to the way we will see data in the future, revolutionising the way we conduct research forever.”

Source: Animal Logic

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