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‘Animal Behaviour’ Leads Animation Nominees for Canadian Screen Awards

Winners will be announced during Canadian Screen Week running March 25-31 in Toronto.

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (the Canadian Academy) announced the nominees in 135 film, television, and digital content categories for the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards. The Awards will be presented over six days during Canadian Screen Week, running March 25-31, including the Canadian Screen Awards Gala live broadcast on CBC and the CBC Gem streaming service on Sunday, March 31.  

Animal Behaviour, Alison Snowden and David Fine’s Oscar-nominated animated short, leads a long list of animated and VFX-driven features, shorts, TV series and digital projects nominated across a number of award categories.  

The Canadian Screen Awards celebrate the best in Canadian visual storytelling, and represent Canada's content creators and storytellers, whom the Canadian Academy is committed to inspire and elevate, as well as the next generation of talent and creators in the industry. In particular, this year's nominations reveal women are an incredible force of talent in Canada today. Women received 50 per cent of the nominations across all writing categories, and dominate nominations in film direction, feature film and web performance categories.

The 2019 nominations were decided by nominating juries and members of the Canadian Academy. The membership will place their votes between February 7 and February 22, 2019 to determine the winners.

A selection of nominees is as follows:


Achievement in Visual Effects | Meilleurs effets visuels

  • Jean-François Talbot, Jean-Pierre Boies - 1991
  • Benoit Brière - Just a Breath Away | Dans la brume
  • William Chang, Brian Huynh - Our House
  • Fredrik Nord - Stockholm
  • Philippe Frère, Stéphane Thibert, Alexandre Rouil, Véronique Dessard, Loïc Poës, Barthélémy Beaux, Morgan Hardy, Bernard Devillers, Gaël Durant - The Hummingbird Project

Best Animated Short | Meilleur court métrage d’animation

  • A Visit | Une visite - Parissa Mohit
  • Animal Behaviour - Alison Snowden, David Fine, Michael Fukushima
  • Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) - Amanda Strong
  • Caterpillarplasty - David Barlow-Krelina, Jelena Popović
  • The Subject | Le Sujet - Patrick Bouchard, Julie Roy


Best Animated Program or Series

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - YTV (Corus Entertainment), (DHX Media) - Mark Evestaff, Josh Scherba, Kirsten Newlands, Steven Denure, Ken Faier, Rick Mischel, Lesley Jenner, James Brown
  • Corner Gas Animated - The Comedy Network (Bell Media), (Vérité Films) - Brent Butt, David Storey, Virginia Thompson, Leslie Thomas, Robert de Lint, Andrew Carr, Jonas Diamond
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series - Teletoon (Teletoon), (Nelvana Ltd.) - Jane Crawford, Rick Mischel, Scott Dyer, Helen Lebeau, Irene Weibel, Tracey Dodokin
  • PAW Patrol - TVOKids (TVO), (Spin Master Paw Productions 5 Inc.) - Jennifer Dodge, Laura Clunie, Ronnen Harary, Keith Chapman, Scott Kraft, Ursula Ziegler-Sullivan, Toni Stevens, Jonah Stroh, Jason McKenzie, Christina Sang - St. Catherine, David Sharples, Damian Temporale
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again - Netflix (Netflix), (9 Story Media Group) - Vince Commisso, Steve Jarosz, Brenda Wall, Michelle Awad

Best Direction, Animation

  • Cupcake & Dino: General Services - Cupcake’s Big Surprise - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Entertainment One) - Pedro Eboli
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series - A Few Good Monsters - Teletoon (Teletoon), (Nelvana Ltd.) - Robin Budd
  • Super Dinosaur - Big Brother - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Spin Master Dinomite Productions LTD) - William Lau
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! - The Search for String - Treehouse TV (Corus Entertainment), (Portfolio Entertainment Inc. ) - Paul Hunt
  • Wishfart - We Can Eat Sand - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Wishfart Productions Inc.) - Jason Groh

Best Original Music, Animation

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Something Fishy - YTV (Corus Entertainment), (DHX Media) - Steffan Andrews
  • Esme & Roy - Two Can Play At That Game - Treehouse TV (Corus Entertainment), (Nelvana Ltd.) - Jonathan Evans, Daniel Ingram
  • Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You - Discovery Channel (Bell Media), (Exploration Production Inc.) - Derek Treffry, Greg Fisher
  • PAW Patrol - Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties - TVOKids (TVO), (Spin Master Paw Productions 5 Inc.) - James Chapple, Graeme Cornies, David Kelly, Brian Pickett
  • Ranger Rob - Sea Monsters of Big Sky Park - Treehouse TV (Corus Entertainment), (Corus Entertainment) - Neil Parfitt

Best Sound, Animation

  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series - The Legend of Pumpkin Guts - Teletoon (Teletoon), (Nelvana Ltd.) - Ryan Araki, Andrew McDonnell, Simon Berry, Sue Robertson, Julia Snell
  • PAW Patrol - Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties - TVOKids (TVO), (Spin Master Paw Productions 5 Inc.) - Richard Spence-Thomas, Tim Muirhead, Patton Rodrigues, Ryan Ongaro, Kyle Peters
  • Super Dinosaur - The Great Race - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Spin Master Dinomite Productions LTD) - Miguel Nunes
  • Supernoobs - Family Channel (DHX Media), (DHX Media) - Mike Mancuso, Ryan Eligh, Joe Tetreau, Dante Winkler, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut, Paul Talbott
  • Wishfart - We Are Cheetah Face! - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Wishfart Productions Inc.) - Scott McCrorie

Best Writing, Animation

  • Corner Gas Animated - Squatch Your Language - The Comedy Network (Bell Media), (Vérité Films) - Brent Butt
  • Mysticons - The Princess and the Pirate - YTV (YTV Canada Inc.), (NELVANA LIMITED) - Sean Jara
  • Wishfart - Does This Please The Jigmaster - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Wishfart Productions Inc.) - Emer Connon
  • Wishfart - Litterfools Ain't Cool - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Wishfart Productions Inc.) - John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky, Dan Williams
  • Wishfart - Aw, Man! - Teletoon (Corus Entertainment), (Wishfart Productions Inc.) - Stephanie Kaliner

Best Performance, Animation

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - YTV (Corus Entertainment), (DHX Media) - Cle Bennett
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - YTV (Corus Entertainment), (DHX Media) - Sean Cullen
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series - Teletoon (Teletoon), (Nelvana Ltd.) - Bryn McAuley
  • Top Wing - Treehouse TV (Corus Entertainment), (9 Story Media Group) - Bryn McAuley
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! - Treehouse TV (Corus Entertainment), (Portfolio Entertainment Inc.) - Martin Short

Best Visual Effects

  • Killjoys - The Kids are Alright? - Space (Bell Media), (Temple Street) - Michael Gibson, Danny McNair, Anthony Paterson, Lara Osland, Tim Sharp, Rachad Meya, David Rezek, Mohsin Kazi, Min Young Kim, Chris Doe
  • Reboot: The Guardian Code - Black Hole - YTV (Corus Entertainment), (Wow Unlimited Media Inc) - Michael Dowding, Steven Elford, Marcel Simons
  • Travelers - Ave Machina - Showcase (Corus Entertainment), (Peacock Alley Entertainment) - Curt Miller, Terry Hutcheson, Tim Mulvihill, Dan Dixon, Sean Gilhooly, Rob Geddes, Brent Veal, Elaine Fung, Jun Matsumaru, Mitch Stuart
  • Wynonna Earp - War Paint - Space (Bell Media), (SEVEN24 Films Inc.) - Lon Molnar, Giancarlo Derchie, Mike Duffy, Che Spencer, Anthony De Chellis, Mike Kwan, Frank Calero, Michael Enzbrunner, Parastu Rezaie, Mark Ferguson
  • Vikings - Moments of Vision - History (Corus Entertainment), (Take 5 Productions Inc.) - Dominic Remane, Bill Halliday, Ovidiu Cinazan, Michael Borrett, Tom Morrison, Leann Harvey, Colin Hui, Paul Wishart, Jim Maxwell, Kieran Mckay


Best Immersive Experience - Fiction

  • Biidaaban: First Light - (National Film Board of Canada) - Rob McLaughlin, Dana Dansereau
  • Contravision - (Contraverse) - Josh Gonsalves, Marisa Tassone
  • Isle of Dogs : Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality) - (Felix & Paul Studios) - Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael, Jeremy Dawson, Ben Adler, Stephane Rituit, Ryan Horrigan, David Greenbaum, Brendan Handler
  • Jurassic World: Blue - (Felix & Paul Studios) - Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael, Stephane Rituit, Ryan Horrigan
  • The Great C - (Secret Location) - Luke Van Osch, Steve Miller, Ryan Andal, Kathryn Rawson, Josh Manricks

Best Virtual Reality Game

  • Flow Weaver - (Stitch Media) - Evan Jones, Lucas J.W. Johnson, Claris Cyarron, Chad Yu, Kelvin Put
  • Museum of Symmetry - (National Film Board of Canada) - Maral Mohammadian, Michael Fukushima

The complete list of 2019 Canadian Screen Awards nominees can be found at

Source: Canadian Screen Awards