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Animafest Zagreb 2015 Kicks off with Site-Specific Animations

Croatia’s Museum of Contemporary Art unveils the 2015 edition of Animation Goes MSU! with site-specific animations from international artists such as Max Hattler, Simona Galizia and Nikki Schuster.

MSU media façade

ZAGREB, CROATIA -- Leading up to this year's Animafest Zagreb, which runs June 9-14, Croatia’s Museum of Contemporary Art has unveiled the 2015 edition of Animation Goes MSU! Now in its fourth year, the program employs the Museum’s media façade to display site-specific animations from international artists such as German experimental filmmaker Max Hattler, Italy’s Simona Galizia, and Austria’s Nikki Schuster.

The site-specific animations were selected by MSU curator Leila Topić and Animafest’s artistic director Daniel Šuljić, and will be on display between 7:00am and midnight until the festival closes on June 14. A total of 16 works are on display, including one project that is not completely visible to the naked eye and must be photographed to be seen in its entirety.

MSU media façade work by Simona Galizia.

Other Festival events include a family cinema-picnic at Zrinjevac, Zagreb’s central park, with an open-air screening of Animafest 2013 winner Approved for Adoption on May 30.

Also on tap is the Game Jam Workshop, which will highlight the relation between animation and video games as well as how local creators manage to get skyrocketing foreign investments for projects. The event will be followed by a lecture by Swiss indie game design celebrity Mario von Rickenbach, the local Croteam and Machin, and representatives of CGDA.

The experience of making an independent feature film, from scriptwriting to the final sound mix, will be shared with the audience by the Oscar-nominated director Tomm Moore, the director of Song of the Sea from this year’s Feature Film Grand Competition, while his older colleague and Oscar-winner Chris Landreth will explain in his lecture why to animate a human face an animator needs to think like a doctor, psychologist and detective at the same time.

Check out the full 2015 schedule for additional events at

Source: Animafest Zagreb

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