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Animafest Lifetime Achievement Honor Goes to Paul Fierlinger

Influential animator has for decades provided innovative and intimate projects such as the feature ‘My Dog Tulip.’

Paul Fierlinger will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 28th World Festival of Animated Film -- Animafest Zagreb.

ZAGREB, CROATIA -- Paul Fierlinger is the winner of 28th World Festival of Animated Film -- Animafest Zagreb’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The decision was reached unanimously by the Animafest Council, and the award will be presented to him at the official festival opening ceremony June 4 in Zagreb.

An animator, director and producer, Fierlinger is a true classic of global animation, with a career and life that traverses the United States and Europe -- primarily the Czech Republic, where he began his artistic explorations.

Innovative in terms of animation techniques, he also embraced the developments in computer technology, but remained seemingly inclined to simple, always impressive solutions. In his most prominent works he often focused on documentary and autobiographic animation, occasionally adding a touch of political commentary, which is why some of his films have made great success at documentary film festivals, testifying to the outstanding power of animation in the field of non-fiction. A large portion of his oeuvre raises the custom-made, commissioned film to the highest level of creativity.

He accomplished very successful collaborations with Sandra Fierlinger and other distinguished visual artists. His animations It’s So Nice to Have a Wolf around the House, And Then I’ll Stop, My Dog Tulip, Drawn from Memory, Still Life with Animated Dogs and Me… Jane, which garnered awards in Zagreb and at other animation festivals, set the standards of poeticism and plausibility in animated worlds, imbued with intelligent observations about people, dogs, nature and the world, drenched in heart-warming, idiosyncratic humor.

Fierlinger will receive the award in person at the official opening ceremony of the 28th World Festival of Animated Film, and the festival will host a retrospective program dedicated to his films and a talk about his work.

Source: Animafest

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