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ANIMA Festival Appoints New Co-Directors

Dominique Seutin and Karin Vandenrydt take over for Doris Cleven; German artist Gail Alkabetz chosen to design 2021 poster.

The ANIMA Festival has announced that its director, Doris Cleven, will be stepping down after managing the event since 2014. Previously, she co-directed the event with its founder Philippe Moins. Dominique Seutin and Karin Vandenrydt have been named Cleven’s successors - both have been part of the festival team for twenty years.

During its 39 years of existence, the ANIMA Festival has grown from 2,000 participants in 1982 to almost 43,000 in 2020. It has benefited from the incredible technological and aesthetic evolution of animation over the past thirty years.

Next year, the 40th birthday celebration of the ANIMA Festival, will take place February 12 -21. Although the dates have been set it is unknown at this juncture if the event will be in person or online. As animation artists continue to create, the festival will continue, in whatever form, as a celebration of the art. To kick things off, German animator, Gail Alkabetz has been chosen to create the new ANIMA 2021 poster.  

Additional information and updates are available on the festival website.

Source: ANIMA Festival