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Anima 2021 Spotlights Korean Animation

Special program will feature Korean independent shorts and animated features including ‘The Shaman Sorceress,’ ‘Motel Rose,’ and ‘Beauty Water.’

Anima, the Brussels International Animation Festival, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre, is spotlighting Korean animation in celebration of the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The festival, which runs February 12-21, will present contemporary Korean animation with a program of short films from independent filmmakers, and three features including The Shaman Sorceress, by Jae-Huun Ahn, (director of The Shower, Anima's closing film in 2018), Motel Rose, by Eun-a Yeo, and Beauty Water, by Kyung-hun Cho.

The films will also be available on the Anima Online platform. Additional program information will be announced on the Anime Festival website on January 19.

Source: The Brussels Animation Festival