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‘Angry Birds Bubble Trouble’ Animated Series Released on YouTube

Newly established Latin American animation collective, The Los Amigos Group, created the show with real-time production integration of members in Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

The Los Amigos group - a combination of three studios from Brazil, Chile, and Peru, have created Season 1 of Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, inspired by Rovio’s game Angry Birds Dream Blast. The 3D animated series, starring the Angry Birds young flock, has debuted on the characters' YouTube channel with Episode 1 “Jumping In.” A new episode will be released available worldwide for free every week.

Watch: Angry Birds Bubble Trouble “Jumping In”

The series was produced in a partnership between the game studio Rovio Entertainment and Los Amigos, a joint venture between Hype Animation (Brazil), PunkRobot (Chile), and Red Animation Studios (Peru), responsible for all the creative aspects and animation.

The series explores the childhood of the well-known characters Red, Bomb, Chuck, Stella, and Silver, and their games, imagination, and rivalries. The new show is based on the videogame Angry Birds Dream Blast; the first season includes 20 episodes of one minute each. The series is created and written by Jordan Nugem, executive produced by Gabriel Garcia, Milton Guerreiro, and Pato Escala, and directed by Fabiano Pandolfi.

Founded at the beginning of 2020, the collective allows for real-time integrated production between the three countries. Angry Birds Bubble Trouble is the group’s first released work.

“The Angry Birds are part of our pop culture,” commented Nugem. “All of these characters already exist; however, creative freedom was given to us to shape these characters and their world. It is very beautiful to see how much affection the whole team has put into this project. It is certainly a proof of the quality and commitment of animation professionals in Latin America.”

Source: Los Amigos Group